Pedicure & Manicure Services

Classic Pedicure $30 

Our basic pedicure comes from a crystal clean pipe-less system and a foot-soak in our hydrotherapeutic whirlpool, cuticle and callus work, foot massage, and soothing hot towels.

Manicure $20 
Signature Pedicure $35 

Including the BASIC PEDICURE and FOOT SCRUB with natural sugar crystals to remove all dead skin to leave your feet silky smooth and brighten.

Hot Stone Pedicure $45 

Including the SIGNATURE PEDICURE and HOT STONE MASSAGE that helps to improve circulation, calms the nervous system, and relaxes the muscles.

Cucumber Healing Therapy Pedicure $45 

Including the SIGNATURE PEDICURE and CUCUMBER CREAM, a moisturizing complex with aloe and cucumber extract aids in the repair of dry and cracked skin WITH DEEP HEAT THERAPY ANKLE BOOTIES.

Deluxe Pedicure $45 

Including the SIGNATURE PEDICURE and MOISTURE MASK, this super-hydrating mask rejuvenates, brightens, and leaves your skin glowing, smooth, and youthful WITH PARAFFIN DIP.


Including the DELUXE PEDICURE with the best products for the pedicure "QTICA-SCENT CHOICE" OR "VOESH PEDI" AND HOT STONE MASSAGE improves circulation, calms the nervous system, relaxes the muscles, especially formulates with Aloe Vera to rejuvenate tired, aching feet and legs WITH PARAFFIN DIP.

Kid Pedicure (Under 8) $20 
Manicure (Kid) $10 
Gel On Toe $15 

No waiting time to dry your toenails.

Additional Massage (10 Mins) $15 

Dipping Services

Dip Gel Nails $40 & Up
Dip Set Tip $50 & Up

Gel Services

Gel Color Only $20 & Up
Gel Manicure $40 & Up
Take Off $5 

Acrylic Services

Full Set with Gel $50 & Up
Fill-In with Gel $40 & Up

Wax Services

Eyebrows $10 
Lip $10 
Chin $15 
Whole Face $50 

Color Change

On Feet $10 
On Hands $10 
French On Feet $15 
French On Hands $15 
For Kid On Feet (Under 8) $8 
For Kid On Hand (Under 8) $8 

Additional Services

Nails Cut Down $5 & Up
Nail Repair $5 & Up
French Tip $5 
Colored Tips $5 
Color/Glitter Line $5 
Paraffin On Feet $7 
Paraffin On Hands $5 
Design 2 Nails On Feet $8 & Up
Design 2 Nails On Hands $8 & Up
Acrylic Nails On Two Big Toes $10 
Acrylic Nails On Two Big Toes (Fill In) $8 
Take Off Nails/Gel Without Service $10 
Take Off Nails/Gel With Service $5 
Trim Cuticle $10 
Trim Nails & Toe Nail $10